Everyday Maintenance: How to help your home handle summer storms

Summer storms are a fact of life for us here in Queensland.  While we can’t control mother nature, there are things we can do to help protect our homes against storms and minimise potential damage.  These are our top maintenance recommendations for storm season:

  • Ensure your gutters, drains and downpipes are all clear so that any sudden and heavy rainfalls can flow through smoothly.  This will help reduce the risk of flooding
  • Fix any existing termite damage to avoid it getting worse. Termite damage can significantly weaken a structure and if you add severe wind rain that may occur during a storm, what might have been simple reinforcement could quickly become a much bigger problem.
  • Seal areas around the property and house that may be susceptible to moisture collection. Termites love heat and moisture so by eliminating potential nesting areas, you reduce the risk of attracting them to your home.
  • Make sure you know how to safely turn off utilities.   In an emergency situation, you may need to switch off things like power, water and gas so familiarise yourself with the location of the main switches and how to control them safely.
  • Secure loose items around your property and make sure any overhanging tree branches near your house or powerlines are removed. This will help reduce any damage that might be caused from strong winds or lightning.  If you need to report a tree growing into a powerline, click here.
  • Seek professional help.  If you live in a storm prone area or think your home may be susceptible to damage, get a professional to inspect your home and assess its structural integrity.

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