How we control ant infestations from the source

Most people think that ant infestations are one of the easier general pest problems to control.  Over the counter, DIY treatments are readily available for consumers but unfortunately they aren’t always effective in managing the problem.

Ants are social critters that live in colonies.  Spraying the ants that you see trailing through your home or garden might kill the visible ones but more often than not the colonies will stick around.  They might even sense the danger and split off into separate colonies making the problem harder for you to control.  You may even risk trapping the ants inside your house if you apply an over the counter barrier on the inside of your home without doing a proper investigation into the problem.

Fortunately, you can avoid these problems and control the ants easily by contacting a professional.  A professional inspector, will be able to pinpoint exactly where the colonies are and eradicate the problem from the root.

Our technicians use a special method which is undetectable by ants.  Rather than using a repellent that ants can sense and learn to stay away from, we use anti-repellent.  Anti-repellent cannot be detected by ants so it is slowly spread to the entire colony, thus eradicating the problem from the source!

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Everyday Maintenance: How to Remove Rust from Metal

Rust is a common problem found in most homes.  It commonly occurs on things like shower heads, pots, pans, serving utensils and furniture.  Rust is a very normal electrochemical process that occurs when iron, oxygen and water combine.  It appears visually as a reddish brownish flaky coating.

While it can be quite problematic in some circumstances, most rusting that occurs around the house can be easily combated with some elbow grease and non-toxic household products.

Here is a list of different ways you can tackle rust in your home:

  1. Baking Soda

Add water to dry baking soda powder till you have a thick paste.  Cover the area of metal that has rusted with the paste and leave it for 30-45mins.  Using a small brush like a toothbrush, scrub off rust.

  1. White Vinegar

Depending on the size of your object, there are a few ways you can use white vinegar to get rid of rust.  If small enough, soak the entire metal object in white vinegar for few hours.  Then remove and scrub off the rusty paste that forms.  If your object is larger, rather than soak the whole thing, soak a rag with vinegar and wipe it over your object.

  1. Lime & Salt

Coat the rusted area in salt and juice a lime over it.  Let this sit for a few hours and the scrub off.  You can substitute the lime for a lemon.

  1. Potato & Dish Soap

Slice a potato in half and dip the cut end in some dishwashing soap.  Rub this over the rusted area of the item until the rust is gone.  Rinse and dry the item when you’re done.


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