Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspection FAQ

What is a building and pest inspection?

The building and pest inspection is a non-invasive, visual inspection of the property used to provide advice regarding the structural integrity and overall condition of the site.

What happens during a building and pest inspection?

 During a standard building and pest inspection, our qualified experts survey the structure and surrounding area to determine whether there is any structural or timber pest damage.

How long does a building and pest inspection take?  

A standard building and pest inspection takes roughly 45mins to complete.  However, this is dependent on a wide range of factors.  These include, the size of the home, number of inspectors, landscape and amount of furniture.  For example, an empty house that is vacant before sale with 2 inspectors conducting the inspection might only take 30mins in contrast to an acreage property that could take an hour or more.  If you have an acreage, we make sure to check the house and everything within a 50m radius of the house.

What happens if there is structural damage found?

If we do find any structural damage, it will all be detailed in the report that you receive within 24hrs of your inspection.  Within the report recommendations are also provided that detail the next steps you should take to further asses or repair what was found.

If I am selling my home, do I need to do a building and pest inspection?

It’s commonly thought that only buyer’s need to worry about getting building and pest inspections done, however, a if you are seeking to sell your home have a building and pest report ready to show potential buyers can actually increase their confidence in purchasing.

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