Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms save lives and if you own a property in Queensland, by law you should have at least one smoke alarm installed.  Statistics have shown that having a properly maintained and well placed alarm can reduce your risk of death in a house fire by over 50%.

Difference Between Smoke Alarms and Smoke Detectors

It is important not to confuse smoke alarms with a smoke detector.  A smoke detector is a device that has no audio functionality and are generally only used in commercial properties.  In comparison, a smoke alarm detects smoke which then activates an alarm to alert anybody inside.

Placement of Smoke Alarm

Where you install the smoke alarm can be equally as important.  Legally, you must have a smoke alarm installed on or near any ceiling on each story, according to the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. They also suggest having an alarm between any area containing bedrooms, in hallway areas, and on a storey not containing bedrooms but with the most likely evacuation route from the storey.

APM’s Smoke Alarm Services

There can be severe penalties for both tenants and owners who are non-compliant to these requirements. Additional information is available on the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services website.  APM’s technicians are fully qualified and have all passed the required police checks to certify your smoke alarms. Our team will go through your property to ensure it is compliant with Queensland law and will provide a report within 24 hours.