General Timber Pest & Termite Barriers

Timber pest control and termite barriers are a critical maintenance aspect of any home.  Unfortunately, pests and termites are a fact of life, regardless of what type of home you live in. Queensland’s sub-tropical climate means termites are prevalent not only timber structures, but dead trees or plants and wood in the soil both in the yard but also the foundation under the house.  The following list indicates some key warning signs that might mean you have a termite or pest problem.

Warning Signs to Look For

  • Floor boards that sound hollow when tapped / holes in wood
  • Cracked / bubbling paint on windows, skirting boards or architraves
  • Damp walls
  • Mud tunnels  – on the exterior of the house
  • Termite droppings – looks like sawdust on the floor

APM’s Timber Pest Control and Termite Services

If you have noticed any of the above warning signs, contact APM Solutions today for a quote on our termite inspections or timber pest control services.  The longer the problem goes unresolved, the more extensive and expensive the damage will be to fix.  We recommend that homes do a timber pest control once a year to see the best results.   If during an inspection we do find termites or other pests such as borers and fungi present, our pest inspector can provide the best solutions to help prevent any further damage.  This may include the installation of a termite barrier.

Termite Barriers

A termite barrier is a chemical barrier around the exterior of your home that prevents termites from entering your home but also eradicates the colony through a slow-releasing formula. While deadly to termites, a chemical termite barrier is completely safe for humans, pets and native animals. The damage termites and pests could potentially cause can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair.  If you notice any warning signs, it is crucial that you book an inspection today and resolve the problem before it gets any worse.


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